Below is a list of the wonderful people that sponsor our wonderful organization and support our members to the highest degree!

Founded 40 years ago on the simple idea of creating innovative products that change the world, Adobe offers groundbreaking technology that empowers everyone, everywhere to empower, create, and bring any digital experience to life.

How they support TCCTA: Adobe through its partner JourneyEd ensures that Adobe products are affordable and accessible across our Texas Community College campuses. To learn more about Adobe or how to use the products Log in to Adobe Creative Cloud, to learn more about adding Adobe to your home or business contact The EDU Techstore | Academic software discounts, Education software discounts | JourneyEd

About us: AMBA has protected associations and affinity groups with insurance and benefits for decades. Through it all we've forged strong relationships with top insurance carriers that allow us to offer wide-ranging coverage and products to retirees, professionals, individuals, and families. From dental and vision insurance to professional liability and Medicare solutions, AMBA has you covered.

How they support TCCTA: AMBA provides discounts and low-cost insurance coverage to TCCTA members. To access these benefits go to TCCTA and download the App.

About Us: At Derivita, we believe one simple thing: math is fun.

No matter what level you're teaching or learning at, everyone can have a positive experience with mathematics with the right tools and educational practices.

Derivita works with colleges, schools, and districts to address the challenges that our math educators face every day.

How they support TCCTA: Derivita offers math items and test banks covering everything from Algebra and Quantitative Reasoning to Calculus I-III and beyond. These learning banks can be used with OER textbooks to provide the student with the same learning support as the more expensive textbooks and lab options. To learn more about Derivita and how it can be used on your campus visit Getting started with Derivita.

About Us: Our mission is to make professional A/V both powerful and easy for everyone. We believe that both tech experts and non-techies alike should be able to purchase, use, and maintain your A/V systems without tearing out your hair. TekVox works with schools to provide custom plug-and-play AV systems to meet the individual needs of the school.

How they support TCCTA: TekVox offers our partner schools discounts and creates custom solutions for each member. Support is provided to all schools using the product including onsite and virtual, and the support lasts the length of the product. To learn more about TekVox visit Education | TEKVOX and schedule a call.

About Us: Your test-takers expect convenience. You require security. We deliver both. As the most experienced provider of online proctoring with a full suite of solutions designed to save you time and reduce stress for your test-takers, we can securely proctor your exam – anytime, anywhere. We pioneered online proctoring at scale in 2008 and now proctor millions of exams

How they support TCCTA: ProctorU provides our member institutions with discounts to use their services as well as superior customer service. To learn more about ProctorU visit The ProctorU Proctoring Platform - Advanced Exam Technology Backed by Human Validation or contact our dedicated representative Stephanie Dille,

About Us: A division of the 501(c)(3) non-profit Workers Assistance Program, we have been outfitting workplaces with healthier, more productive employees and lowering healthcare costs by providing world-class employee assistance programs (EAP) since 1977. Alliance Work Partners offers employees and their families solution-focused counseling, guidance, training, resources, and referrals to help balance work with life and increase health and well-being.

How they support TCCTA: Alliance Work Partners provides our member colleges with access to high-quality WAP services for their employees. For institutions without an EAP counselor on site, Alliance Work Partners is that for the employees of those institutions and offers member discounted rates for their services. For more information visit Alliance Work Partners | a WAP program (

About Us: We help students identify career goals, hone their leadership skills, and turn ambitions into action. Our program provides a life-changing experience giving you access to essential tools to excel in your future and make a change in the world. As a member of the NSLS, you're part of a community of goal-oriented people with access to professional leadership training, exclusive scholarships, an online job bank, networking events, a celebrity speaker series, enhancement of your professional resume, and more.

How they support TCCTA: NSLS has provided this program to our Faculty Fellows program and offered to our members statewide. For more information visit NSLS | The National Society of Leadership and Success or contact the state office.

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