The Texas Community College Teachers Association was founded in 1948, under the original name Texas Junior College Teachers Association. The name was changed officially in 1996.

Comprised of educators from every teaching discipline, as well as counselors, librarians, and administrators, the Association’s approximately 6,000 members come from all public and independent community, junior, and technical colleges in the state of Texas. TCCTA is—by far—the largest organization of postsecondary educators in Texas… more than twice as large as all other such organizations combined. The annual convention of TCCTA is the largest gathering of community college faculty in the United States.

TCCTA is an independent and autonomous association, not affiliated with any other state or national organization. According to its constitution, TCCTA is dedicated “to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and the advancement of education in the community, junior, and technical colleges of Texas.” TCCTA is not a union; it is a professional association. Long ago, the leadership of the organization expressed reluctance to approach problems and issues in a combative, confrontational, and adversarial manner. Instead, the organization takes pride in its preference to address issues and challenges in a collaborative, cooperative, and collegial manner—as long as circumstances permit such an approach.

The Association receives wide acclaim for its fairness, integrity, and professionalism in representing the interests of its members and their colleges. TCCTA regularly is called upon to provide information and testimony to committees of the Texas Legislature and to agencies of state government, including the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Texas Workforce Commission, and the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

The Association is governed by its Constitution and Bylaws and by actions of members in annual conventions. Authority for management of the affairs of the organization is vested in an Executive Committee, consisting of six officers elected at-large by the general membership. A state office, created in 1973, is administered by an Executive Director, appointed by the Executive Committee. The Association’s official actions and positions are determined by the members and by the Executive Committee.

As an advocacy organization, TCCTA is committed to the principles of academic freedom and due process of law. The Association has earned a reputation for probity, discretion, and effectiveness in assisting its members in grievance matters. The organization is devoted equally to the concept of academic responsibility. The TCCTA Code of Professional Ethics, adopted in 1977 and amended in 1997, is regarded throughout Texas as a model statement of ethical principles for postsecondary educators.

The organization publishes a journal, The TCCTA Messenger. Published four times annually, the Messenger is abstracted and indexed in Resources in Education, the monthly abstract journal of the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC). In conjunction with sessions of the Texas Legislature, the Association also publishes a Legislative Update.

Texas Community College Teachers Association
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