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Welcome to a great, new year as a TCCTA Campus Representative! We truly appreciate all you do and we’re glad to be working with you!

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Tips on Getting Started
Jump-Starting Your Recruitment Efforts
Handy, Effective Supporting Documents
Answers to Member FAQs
Professional Development Benefits
Help Us Help You—Keep Us in the Loop

Use this page as an easy, convenient resource to help you recruit TCCTA members on your campus. The documents are easy to print and duplicate, and you can download any of them, plus the multi-media tools, for use whenever you need them. Enlist your colleagues to help you too—a team can be the most effective resource of all.

Remember, you’re the expert! These resources have been proven effective by other TCCTA Campus Representatives, but feel free to pick and choose what works best for you. And, give us a call if you have any questions or we can help you in any way. We’re here to help! ((800) 288-6850, Ext. 11.)

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Getting Started

Here are a few ideas to help you get started on the 2017-18 membership drive:

    • Review the Great Ideas & Information from your fellow Campus Reps for answers to member FAQs and other useful information.
    • Familiarize yourself with all of the brochures and giveaways you received in your 2017 TCCTA Promotion Package we mailed you August 1st. And, email the state office to have additional material sent to you if you need it.
    • Enlist your colleagues to help by forming a recruitment team on your campus.
    • Call your Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA) to help you man table and talk about TCCTA membership at New Hire Orientation, Convocation, and Welcome Week events! (1-800 -258-7041)

Jump-Start Your Recruitment Efforts

Here are some great ways to kick-off your recruitment campaign!

  1. Personally greet your new colleagues on behalf of TCCTA at your college’s early convocation for new faculty (full or part-time). Hand them a 2017-2018 TCCTA membership brochure!
  2. Inform or remind all of your colleagues about TCCTA membership. As your colleagues return to campus, make sure there is a 2017-2018 TCCTA membership brochure in the mailbox of each educator eligible for membership.
  3. Get on the agenda at the first faculty convocation to do a brief presentation about TCCTA. Use all of the materials in your “arsenal,” including event flyers, brochures, swag, and more. If you can, you may want to use this “Join TCCTA” PowerPoint presentation—which you can customize for your college—or one of our promotional videos (see links in the “Help Us Help You” section below) to catch their attention!
  4. All documents can also be sent through campus mail if college rules permit!
  5. Talk to your college leadership about payroll deduction. Experience has taught us that schools that allow payroll deduction have an outstanding advantage in membership recruitment. This will likely require making early contact with your president or chancellor, as well as payroll officials. Here is an example of a payroll “best practice” from Amarillo College.

Handy, Effective Supporting Documents

Your fellow Campus Representatives have found these documents to be effective in membership recruitment, in addition to the 2017-2018 membership brochures in your package:

  • Legislative Update: Will update once the Special Session is over
  • Top 5 Reasons to Join TCCTA is a concise list of the benefits of membership—another way of looking at TCCTA benefits and useful for distribution at any time.

Answers to Member FAQs

When your colleagues have questions about TCCTA membership, liability coverage, retirement issues or more, use these documents to get them answers!

  • Member Prices—TCCTA membership is still one of the best values in education:
      • Professional Member
        • INSTRUCTIONAL – FULL-TIME—Dues $45
        • ADMINISTRATIVE—Dues $45
        • RETIRED PROFESSIONAL (With voting privileges)—Dues $45
      • Associate Member
        • INSTRUCTIONAL – PART-TIME (Adjunct)—Dues $35
        • RETIRED ASSOCIATE (No voting privileges)—Dues $35

  • CLASSIFIED (Full- or Part-time hourly employees)—Dues $35
  • STUDENT (Graduate student)—Dues $30
  • UNAFFILIATED (Friend of the Association)—Dues $35

Promote TCCTA Professional Development Benefits

Top-notch, affordable professional development teachers and administrators is one of the most important TCCTA benefits. Don’t forget to tell your colleagues about:

  • The Fall Conference for Faculty Leaders: September 29-30 2017, at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center, Georgetown, Texas. Details and registration
  • The 71st Annual Convention: March 1-3, 2018 at the Dallas-Frisco Convention Center and Embassy Suites Hotel, in Frisco. The TCCTA Convention page will be continually updated with convention and hotel registration information. Check here often for the latest!
  • The Great Teaching Round Up and Leading From the Middle programs available Spring/Summer 2018! Keep this link handy for updates.

Help Us Help You—Keep Us in the Loop!

In addition to online access, monthly reports from you are important in helping us coordinate our activities with yours—such as when you are mailing paper enrollment forms and personal checks to the state office. These reports are available for printing from these links:

September Report
October Report
November Report
December Report

Download this useful spreadsheet to help organize your mail in memberships!

Please mail/scan-email forms to:

C/O Oscar Lugo
5113 Southwest Parkway, Suite 185
Austin, Texas 78735
olugo at tccta.org

Resources & Recruiting Tools:


  1. Top 5 Reasons to Join TCCTA
  2. New Faculty Retirement Resource Memo
  3. Summary of Liability Coverage
  4. Liability Insurance Brochure
  5. Profiles of Legal Cases
  6. 2017-2018 Membership Brochure
  7. Member Testimonials
  8. Legislative Update


  1. “Join TCCTA” PowerPoint

General Information:

  1. Member Prices
  2. Great Ideas & Info
  3. Payroll Deduction Best Practice

Campus Reps Share Their Tools:

  1. Part-Time faculty handout
  2. Who’s My Rep flyer
  3. College specific promotional brochure

Campus Rep Directory: Find other people on your campus and campuses across the state to share ideas!