70th Annual Convention 2017: Student Success Workshop

2017 Student Success Workshop: A Systems Approach to Student Success

Changing a Complex Organization Requires Listening to —
and Including — Everyone

Finding Coherence in the Midst of Change
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At this year’s Annual Convention, we will explore several complex, inter-related issues involved in the student success movement. We will begin by considering how systems work, and how “systems thinking” can help organize our approach to the complex — and simultaneous — initiatives our colleges are engaged in. Judith Ramaley, who has led significant and successful organizational change during her career in higher education, will lead a plenary session on “systems thinking” to begin the conversation. Following that, attendees will have an opportunity to engage in facilitated dialogues on one of three topics, including:

  • Guided Pathways — Cynthia Ferrell, Director of the Texas Success Center, will lead discussions on the faculty role in guided pathways
  • Dual Credit Issues — Facilitated discussion on “best practices” in dual credit programs, from the practitioner’s perspective
  • Multi-Disciplinary Discussions — Creating a coherent structure for students to navigate requires faculty and department chairs to communicate across disciplines. This session will explore the reasons why these discussions are important and how best to arrange them.

2017 Student Success Workshop: Thinking in Systems

At the completion of these sessions, Dr. Ramaley will join in a discussion of how to under-stand these issues as related elements in a strategy of improving student success. Regardless of one’s role in the institution, participants will learn meaningful ways to  engage in the fundamentally collaborative work of educating students.

Judith Ramaley

Dr. Judith A. Ramaley is President Emerita and Distinguished Professor of Public Service at Portland State University in the Mark O. Hatfield School, of Government and President Coming Together Emerita of Winona State University. Dr. Ramaley holds an appointment as a Senior Scholar with the Association of American Colleges and Universities. She is also a member of the board of Second Nature, an organization committed is to create a healthy, just, and sustain-able society through the transformation of higher education.

Prior to returning to Portland State University, Dr. Ramaley served as President of Winona State University, in Minnesota. She has served as a Visiting Senior Scientist at the National Academy of Sciences and was Assistant Director, Education and Human Resources Directorate (EHR) at The National Science Foundation (NSF). While serving at NSF, Dr. Ramaley also held a presidential professorship in biomedical sciences at the University of Maine and was a Fellow of the Margaret Chase Smith Center for Public Policy. Dr. Ramaley was President of The University of Vermont (UVM) and Professor of Biology from 1997 to 2001. She was President and Professor of Biology at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon for seven years from 1990-1997.