Star Award Winners Announced

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has announced the names of four 2017 Star Award winners for exceptional contributions toward meeting one or more of the goals of the Texas higher education plan, 60x30TX. The winners are: • Austin Community College District – Accelerated Programmer Training • Odessa College – Eight-Week Terms: A Pathway to […]

Coping with Plagiarism

Students cheat in various ways. Old School cheating involved copying from a nearby classmate’s exposed information, or sneaking microscopic notes, written on paper cups, small pieces of paper, or tattooed on an arm or leg with a ball-point pen. As for assignments out of class such as term papers, fraternities used to file returned and […]

CCRC Report: The State of Reform

One of the major players in the movement to reform community colleges in order to improve student success rates is the highly respected Community College Research Center, at Teachers College, Columbia University. The revenue for pilot programs and initiatives often comes from philanthropic foundations, along with enterprising local and state experiments. But much of the […]

“Uncomfortable” Men on Campus

Texas Commissioner of Higher Education Raymund Paredes raised eyebrows with a recent comment saying that, on some college campuses, men feel uncomfortable because they are outnumbered by females. He subsequently said his remarks were taken out of context, that he was referring particularly to the low enrollments of black and Hispanic males in higher education. […]

Colleges May Soon Credit Apprenticeships

The Texas Workforce Commission is “working to ensure that all community colleges in the state accept apprenticeship credits through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board,” according to a segment on Houston Pubic Media. Julian Alvarez, the Texas Workforce Commissioner for Labor, says “Many folks that actually graduate from an apprenticeship school, a DOL-recognized certification of completion, […]

Join Us in Frisco!

The holiday period is an excellent time to make plans to attend the TCCTA annual convention, March 1-3, at the Dallas Frisco Convention Center and Embassy Suites Hotel. The annual convention offers outstanding professional development for all community college educators. You will find over 100 discipline-specific section meetings, arranged by practitioners in each field, as […]

OER and Reading Convenience

Advocates of free or near-free Open Educational Resources for college students have always had to contend with anecdotes and studies indicating that learning is more enhanced with paper texts. Students also often report a personal preference for paper. And some educators argue that, when a book costs money, readers are more likely to take it […]