Arrive Early for Austin Convention!

If your schedule allows, please plan to arrive early on Thursday, Feb. 23, at the Renaissance Austin Hotel for the 70th annual TCCTA state convention. Here is the general convention link. The convention is scheduled for Feb. 23-25. Below is a concise list of Thursday’s activities, with links for details. See you in Austin! Come early Thursday: […]

Colleges Establish Food Pantries

Community college students are often on the edge economically. If they can get some food at zero cost, it might make room for other expenses that frequently go with attending school, such as travel expenses, child care, and textbooks. Many colleges and universities have established food pantries to help out, collecting donations from anyone who wishes to give. Kilgore […]

The Smartness Obsession

When colleges and universities are ranked by various media outlets, especially U.S. News, one of the factors taken into consideration is selectivity. You get a higher ranking if your institution is exclusive, based on the acceptance rate and standardized test scores of freshmen. We parents are often complicit in this process, as most of us want […]

Register for Pre-Convention Coaching Institute

The following announcement is from LifeBound, regarding an opportunity to participate in a pre-convention workshop on academic coaching. Research shows that helping students develop social relationships, clarify aspirations, hold to commitments, develop college know-how, and address conflicting demands has been found to enhance students’ success (Karp, 2011). Academic coaching does this by giving educators concrete […]

Student Suspended for Recording an Instructor

A community college student in California has been suspended for video recording an instructor’s anti-Trump remarks during a human sexuality class. Importantly, the school has a well-posted policy against recording without permission. (An exception is made for students with disabilities, if they need a recording to help them learn.) The event is getting a lot […]

Pre-Convention Workshop Offered

Thursday, Feb. 23rd, before the annual TCCTA convention in Austin, a full-day pre-convention workshop provides a foundation in learner-centered education as well as many practical and proven educational strategies that participants can use immediately with their students. Backed by extensive research, On Course strategies are proven to have a positive impact on student academic success […]

About Those Campus Committees …

“The reason campus disputes are so nasty,” an old saying in academe goes, “is because there is so little at stake.” Or words to that effect. If you have never experienced this bit of irony, you are fortunate. But it’s amazing sometimes how disputatious we can be when serving on a committee charged with, say, […]

The Hiring Freeze and Community Colleges

Gov. Greg Abbott’s freeze on state hiring (with explicit exceptions for some programs) has the state’s universities in a bind. Now is the period when faculty and administrative vacancies are listed for the next academic year, and many schools are wondering whether to proceed. It’s complicated because state appropriations are only one source of revenue for universities (along […]

Lawmakers Probe “Wasted” Credits

Among perennial issues facing higher education policy makers is the low rate of successful student transfer. A new working group of senators has been created to examine the dilemma of why so many courses completed at a community college are not accepted for meaningful credit at universities. You can read about it here in a Texas […]

Secretary DeVos and Community Colleges

Betsy DeVos, as widely reported, has received confirmation by the U.S. Senate to serve as the Secretary of Education. There is abundant controversy over her pick by President Trump, but the focus here will be on our customary turf, community colleges. The best coverage of the two-year college angle with Secretary DeVos is from Andrew Kreighbaum, writing in […]