Budget Conferees Named

The Texas House and Senate leadership has named members of the Conference Committee that will work out differences between the two chambers on the budget for the next biennium (2018-19). If you are represented by any of the legislators listed below, please contact them, expressing support for increased formula appropriations for community and technical colleges. Leaders […]

Guided Pathways Report Issued

Let’s presume by now we are all basically familiar with Guided Pathways, a multi-faceted project to expedite student progress through the community college curricula and on to their next chosen step. But the project is more comprehensive than trimming the traditional cafeteria-style menu of student options. The process should be of interest to faculty members in all […]

The Full-Time Edge

We’ve known for a long time that full-time students are more likely to graduate. Now comes evidence that even one semester of full-time attendance correlates with higher and faster success rates for all kinds of students. Please have a look at this well-presented report from the Center for Community College Student Engagement at the University […]

Accuplacer Exam Targeted

The Accuplacer exam, used by colleges and universities all over the country to help determine whether incoming students should take developmental courses, received harsh criticism in a recent article by Emily Hanford, in Washington Monthly, an influential publication. Please read the entire piece, especially if you are in the DE field. Criticism of standardized exams is a […]

In Praise of Humility

Intellectually humble people can have strong beliefs, but “recognize their fallibility and are willing to be proven wrong on matters large and small,” according to a recent study, reported in Duke Today, by Aliston Jones. The researchers believe that humility helps leaders with all kinds of perspectives make better decisions. Please get details from the article, which […]

Pearson and Chegg Form Textbook Partnership

Two major players—and competitors—have joined forces in providing textbooks to college and university students. Corporate bookseller Pearson has announced a new partnership with rental specialist Chegg to “provide students with affordable rental options for both print and e-book versions of popular Pearson higher education titles,” according to a press release. Please have a look. It’s clear that […]

Deadline Approaches for Round Up

The TCCTA Great Teaching Round Up is like no other educational conference. It’s totally for teachers, and organized by teachers. This year’s Round Up will be held May 22-25, at the YO Ranch Hotel, in Kerrville. The deadline to register is May 8. At some schools the registration fee is paid by faculty organizations for […]

NY Doubles Down on Free Tuition

The State of New York has taken the most significant step yet in the growing trend among the states to offer free tuition to students. So far the movement has focused on community colleges, but New York has passed legislation to cover full-time students at its state universities, too. (“Free” should probably always be in […]

Veterans Eye Hazlewood Scholarhips

Texas veterans of the armed services have been nervous during the current Regular Session of the Legislature about potential changes in eligibility for the Hazlewood Act scholarship program. The law offers free college tuition to veterans, but recent proposals would add stipulations to qualify. The cost of the program has risen substantially, partly because of […]

The Price of Parking

If you don’t have parking controversies at your school, it is probably because you teach in an urban area with easy access to public transit. One thinks of El Centro College, in downtown Dallas, with DART stations a few steps from classrooms, and trains running day and night. The City University of New York has improved its […]