Join Us in Frisco!

The holiday period is an excellent time to make plans to attend the TCCTA annual convention, March 1-3, at the Dallas Frisco Convention Center and Embassy Suites Hotel. The annual convention offers outstanding professional development for all community college educators. You will find over 100 discipline-specific section meetings, arranged by practitioners in each field, as […]

OER and Reading Convenience

Advocates of free or near-free Open Educational Resources for college students have always had to contend with anecdotes and studies indicating that learning is more enhanced with paper texts. Students also often report a personal preference for paper. And some educators argue that, when a book costs money, readers are more likely to take it […]

The Dilemmas of Workforce Training

A lot of authorities are disappointed with efforts in the U.S. to establish a successful and unified workforce training strategy. Everybody knows that the new economy necessitates that many students learn and master highly sophisticated technical skills to get good jobs. But it’s not happening at near the pace it should, according to Anthony Carnevale, research […]

Getting “Near-Completers” Back

It is striking how many former students are out there who left college with plenty of earned credits but no degree. One of the strategies of states to raise their educational levels seeks to identify these individuals and give them a chance to come back to school and finish. Merely finding former students gets complicated […]

Faculty as Barrier

More than half of trustees, 57 percent, agree that “the general public perception of higher education in the United States has declined in the last decade,” according to a survey conducted for the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, as reported by Rick Seltzer, in Inside Higher Ed. Asked about the biggest “barrier” to changing higher […]

Meet iGen

You will be hearing a lot about a new book by Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University. A decade ago, she wrote Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled—and More Miserable Than Ever Before (Free Press, 2006). Her new book is iGen: Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, […]

The Clock and a Skilled Workforce

Technology continues to change the nature of work, requiring more nimble technicians at a time when many people aspire for careers with more flexibility than the typical 40-hour work week, according to Community College Daily. The National Science Board (NSB) is focusing attention on the skilled technical workforce, which it defines as “people who use STEM […]

Stay Informed with Pathfinder Podcasts

In a partnership between the Texas Success Center and TCCTA, weekly podcasts called The Pathfinder are available online to all who wish to participate. The podcasts are visits with faculty, administrators, policymakers, researchers—really, anyone making a difference in the lives of students at community colleges. Here is the link for more information. You can shop […]

The Flexible Instructor

You may have noticed that your students turned out different from what you expected at the start of the semester. Should you make a mid-course correction to accommodate these differences? Please have a look at this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education by David Gooblar, who teaches at the University of Iowa. The writer believes […]

Convention Section Programs Now Online

The TCCTA annual convention, March 1–3, 2018, at the Dallas Frisco Convention Center and Embassy Suites Hotel, offers amazing opportunities for professional development, at bargain prices. Here is the general convention link for information about convention registration, hotel accommodations, and other important information. The section programs offer discipline-specific sessions, arranged by TCCTA volunteers and staff. Here is […]