71st Annual Convention 2018: General Interests Seminars

Financial Planning Seminars

Saturday, 7:30 – 8:15 am 
“The Pitfalls of Financial Planning: and How to Avoid Them”
Llyod Lowe Sr., Chief Investment Advisor, LD Lowe Wealth Advisory

Saturday, March 3rd, 7:30 – 8:15 am

“The Pitfalls of Financial Planning: and How to Avoid Them”

When you are planning for financial goals, recovering from a difficult life event, or looking to retire comfortably, there are many things to be considered. Do you have the funds to retire? Have you considered long-term care costs? What about rising college tuition rates?  Partnering with a financial advisor is a big decision – one that should be made carefully. Working with someone with training, tenure, and track record can mean avoiding many of the pitfalls of financial planning.

Lloyd Lowe Sr., Chief Investment Advisor, LD Lowe Wealth Advisory

Lloyd Lowe Sr. founded LD Lowe Wealth Advisory more than 20 years ago and since then has helped individuals meet their financial goals for retirement and also enjoy a lifestyle that fulfills their personal desires. Lloyd has a strong foundation in business that provides him with a practical understanding of the balance that must be maintained to achieve investment results and protect long-term financial wealth. His approach is built on a strong partnership with his clients, serving as a trusted advisor and friend. His commitment and integrity have earned his firm the recognition of many publications and organizations.
In addition to his years of education to earn his degrees, every year Lloyd takes part in more than 40 hours of continuing education to maintain his registered financial consultant certification. He is also an international public speaker.

Lloyd oversees investment activities across all accounts managed at the firm and his personal advisory practice is focused on clients with investable assets of $1 million or greater.


Legislative Update

Friday, March 2nd, 4:00 – 5:15 pm

Beaman FloydBeaman Floyd, TCCTA Lobbyist, specializes in legislative issues relating to insurance, public education, and higher education, including teachers’ health insurance and retirement, workers’ compensation, and financial institutions. His work involves research, consultation, and lobbying on a wide range of issues. He has worked with the Texas Legislature since 1993 and has advocated on behalf of the Texas Community College Teachers Association since 2003. Beaman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and Russian studies from Louisiana State University.




Student Success Sessions 

Friday, March 2nd, 1:00 – 2:15 pm

Presenter: Jason Katsoff, Customer Success Manager, Adobe

Jason Katsoff has been a Customer Success Manager at Adobe for over a year, working with a select group of leading institutions of higher education. His core goals center around student and graduate success and excellence in teaching. Prior to joining Adobe, Jason was an art & design educator for over 15 years. His teaching philosophy is rooted in learner-centered and project-based education. At The Art Institutes, he has served as department chair of six degree programs within media arts as well as dean of academic affairs for the San Diego campus. As dean, Jason immersed himself in topics related to accreditation renewal, institutional effectiveness, and measuring student and graduate success. His industry experience spans twenty years as a digital content creator in advertising, broadcast design, and game development. His client list includes Microsoft, Disney Imagineering, Nintendo, Capcom, Time Warner, ABC, NBC, Fox, UPN, Qualcomm, and others.

He sees the next decade in education as an exciting and formative one. Tools and techniques historically thought to be owned by ‘creative types’ will be embraced by all learners. He envisions creative problem solvers and well-equipped communicators graduating from our high schools and colleges across the country.


Friday, March 2nd, 2:30 – 3:45 pm

Presenter: Rex Peebles, Assistant Commissioner for Academic Quality and Workforce division, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Rex PeeblesRex Peebles has experience as an instructor, professor, department head, dean, and vice president of instruction. He currently serves as assistant commissioner for academic quality and workforce division at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. He is a recipient of the Ray Williams Outstanding Leadership Award. He has a Ph.D. in government from The University of Texas at Austin. He co-authored Texas Politics and Government: Ideas, Institutions, and Policies and authored The Theoria and Praxis of Obligations to Future Generations.


Friday, March 2nd, 2:30 – 3:45 pm

Presenters: David Troutman, Associate Vice Chancellor of Institutional Research & Decision Support, The University of Texas System; and
Wanda Mercer, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, The University of Texas System

“Statewide Task Force and Comprehensive Research Study: Examining Dual Credit and College Success in Texas “

Dual credit participation has experienced rapid growth over the past 15 years. In response, the University of Texas System has engaged in two efforts: Statewide Dual Credit Task Force and UT System Dual Credit Study. UT System partnered with the Texas Association of Community Colleges to co-lead a statewide dual credit task force. The goal of the task force is to provide the state with the analysis and context necessary to ensure the rigor, consistency, and quality of dual credit partnerships and programs statewide. The presentation will provide an overview of the findings and recommendations generated from the task force activities. In addition to the task force, UT System conducted comprehensive research study using a mixed methods approach (both quantitative and qualitative data) on the subject of dual credit to determine what impact – positive or negative – it may have on student success in college. We will discuss the findings on students’ dual credit participation; students’ short- and long-term academic and financial outcomes; and the various perspectives on the advantages and disadvantages of dual credit from students, faculty, enrollment managers, and academic advisors.  

Dr. David Troutman, The University of Texas System AdministrationThe University of Texas System administration manages a team who transforms data into timely and meaningful information to support UT System policy decisions and to enhance transparency and accountability efforts. Directly prior to joining UT System, David worked for the University of Texas at Austin for six years – first in the registrar’s office as a program manager, and then for information management analysis as an associate director of research. He earned his Ph.D. in human development and family studies with specialization in statistics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where he also earned an Master’s of Science in human development and family studies, with specialization in secondary data analysis. David has more than 14 years of experience in the area of analyzing, integrating, and clearly communicating complex ideas at the conceptual, strategic, and tactical levels. He possesses knowledge and understanding of national and state trends in data collection and use, accountability and transparency, and strategic planning.

Wanda Mercer, The University of Texas SystemWanda Mercer was also the vice president for student life at Tarleton State University for eighteen years. Prior to that, she served 16 years at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, including eight years as associate vice president and dean of students. In these roles, she was responsible for staff, programs, budgets, facilities, planning and assessment, and crisis response for all departments in student affairs. In addition to overseeing student affairs programs, over the years Wanda has had responsibility for financial aid, student recruiting, new student orientation, disabled student services, diversity initiatives, first-year success programs, and academic support services. She has developed successful federal and state grants and was a member to the graduate faculty in the department of educational leadership at Tarleton State University. Wanda received her Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Education degrees from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas and her Ph.D. of Education from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.



Friday, March 2nd, 2:30 – 3:45 pm

Presenter: Cynthia Ferrell, Executive Director, Texas Success Center

Cynthia Ferrell provides statewide leadership in building the capacity of Texas community colleges to engage in and advance student success efforts at scale; building the capacity of the association to evaluate, support and scale college student success efforts; and developing and proposing public policy change to enhance student success. Cynthia Ferrell, Ph.D., previously served as the director of student success initiatives at The University of Texas at Austin, which included concurrently serving as interim executive director for the Texas Success Center, the national director of leadership coaching for Achieving the Dream, the director of the Board of Trustees Institute, the director of Gulf Coast Partners Achieving Success, and the UT director of the Governance Institute for Student Success (a partnership with the Association of Community College Trustees). In these roles, she was responsible for multiple national, state and regional initiatives that provide training and ongoing support for community college trustees, chancellors, presidents and leadership teams to implement data informed policies and practices to improve the success of all students. Prior to these positions, she was the director of the Texas Developmental Education State Policy Initiative, supporting the Texas Association of Community Colleges and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board efforts in statewide scaling of student success innovations and establishing the state and institutional policy supports needed to improve developmental education.



Friday, March 2nd, 2:30 – 3:45 pm

Presenters: Jenna Cullinane Hege, Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Strategic Planning, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) and;
Luis Martinez, Program Director, Data Training Specialist, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB)

This session will serve two purposes:

1. Increase awareness of publicly available higher education data for the state of Texas.

2. Provide information on THECB regional 60x30TX targets.

Luis Martinez will provide training on navigating the THECB’s 60x30TX.com to access data that relates to the state’s 15-year strategic plan 60x30TX. Jenna Cullinane Hege will provide information on new THECB regional targets and the work institutions and other stakeholders are asked to engage in with the goals.

Jenna Cullinane HegeJenna Cullinane Hege, Ph.D. joined the staff of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) in June 2016 and serves as the deputy assistant commissioner for strategic planning in the division of strategic planning and funding. Before joining the staff of the THECB, she was strategic policy lead for higher education at The Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin where she worked on policy, evaluation, and scaling of accelerated approaches to developmental and entry-level college education. Jenna’s recent research topics include time to degree, transfer, mathematics education, high-school-to-college transitions, developmental education, scaling educational innovations, and improving the success of underserved student populations in higher education. Previously, Jenna was special assistant to the president at the Institute for Higher Education Policy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving access and equity in higher education. She also worked at Deloitte and Touche and at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. Jenna earned a Ph.D. in public policy and Masters in public affairs from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in legal studies and education at the University of California, Berkeley.

Luis Pablo Martinez is the data training specialist for 60x30TX.com and the Accountability System. His role is to teach users how to navigate the two aforementioned sites. Additionally, he is a resource for users to not only access the data from the sites but also to extract meaningful insights. Prior to joining the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, he worked for DePaul University in Chicago conducting Hispanic student outreach and support. He also worked at the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement, as national manager of college and high school outreach where his principal role was to recruit Hispanic students for careers in corporate America. He has also launched a marketing research firm, Virtuin. Most of the clients were higher education institutions that hired his team to conduct primary marketing research on new program demand analysis, tuition pricing, and competitive analysis. Luis is a double-demon, meaning that he earned both his Bachelor’s degree (Communications) and Master’s in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship, Marketing) from DePaul University.