2019 Great Teaching Round Up

May 20-23, 2019
YO Ranch Hotel
2033 Sidney Baker St
Kerrville, TX 78028
(877) 967-3767


Some days it seems that much of what faculty are asked to spend their time on takes them further and further from the immediate experience of teaching students. The Great Teaching Round Up is all about the lived reality of working with students and growing in our profession.


Assemble a group of people who really care about teaching and place them in an isolated, unstructured setting in the Texas hill country. The rewards can be astounding: Over the years, many teachers have reported that the Round Up allowed them to believe in their chosen profession as never before.


The Great Teaching Round Up differs from most conferences in that, for the most part, the program is created by the participants themselves. The staff’s major role is facilitation. The format varies but often includes: teaching clinics, panels, organized discussions, “hands on” workshops, and presentations by participants or Round Up staff.

The goals of the seminar include:

Sharing methods and techniques,

Celebrating good teaching,

Creative, realistic problem solving,

An exploration of new ideas,

Serious introspection and self-appraisal, and

Professional and personal renewal.

Gather with your friends and colleagues to reconnect with the passion that called you to be a teacher in the first place. Says one Great Teaching Round Up participant:

I am not alone out there in the “great teaching abyss!” There are awesome teachers in Texas who are doing everything they possibly can to educate students and ensure a better society.

The Top 5 Reasons to Round-up:

  • Participants decide what to talk about and how much time to spend.
  • Walk away with resources and ideas relative to your classroom.
  • We are going to work hard and play hard.
  • Teachers learn best from one another; the collective expert is best.
  • Everything is positive and productive. (No griping! No whining!)

Novice to veteran, year after year, faculty tell us that Great Teaching Round Up is the best transition between the Spring and Summer!

The GTR was very worthwhile. I had some concerns that there would be too much talk about touchy-feely ideas that aren′t terribly applicable to my discipline. These worries, however, were quickly dispelled upon my arrival. The interactive sessions were quite helpful, and almost all of the ideas discussed can be applied to my discipline in some way. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

Register for the Round Up today!

  • Registration for Members: $700.00*
  • Registration for Non-Members: $745.00*

*Includes registration, room and tax, and all but one meal (Wednesday’s lunch is on your own). Transportation not included.


Take advantage of TCCTA’s discount rates for team development. Discount Registration for Members: $575.00*
Discount registrations are available for colleges who purchase multiple registrations for participants willing to room together.

Travel Planning

GTR 2019 starts Monday, May 20th with registration at 5:00pm followed by dinner at 6:00pm.
The group will adjourn and check out Thursday, May 24th at 11:00am.

We looking forward to seeing you after finals!