Dallas County Promise Mirrors Tennessee

The Tennessee Promise program has spurred local and state efforts to duplicate its widely reported success. Impressively here in Texas, the Dallas County Community College District has launched the Dallas County Promise program for students at its seven colleges.

The program is most noted for its offer of free tuition for students, but it has many components. DCCCD is one of the largest community college districts in the nation—more so than the systems of many states.

According to the website, the benefits to students are:

  • Free tuition at any college in the Dallas County Community College District for all students, regardless of income or GPA.
  • Success Coach support will begin at the end of student’s senior year and continue through college completion.
  • Additional textbook stipend for students meeting income and 2.5 GPA (75 or better on a 100-point scale) requirements.
  • Transfer scholarships available to UNT Dallas and SMU, with more universities coming on board soon.

More information from the site:

College Promise Campaign is a national, non-partisan initiative to build broad public support for funding the first two years of higher education for hard-working students, starting in America’s community colleges. While this is a national movement, local communities and states are leading the way to create College Promise programs, which cover tuition and fees leading to a community college degree or occupational certificate.

Tennessee Promise program has the highest success of fully engaging high schools as partners to produce the best results at scale of any of the current 200 promise models across the country. Representatives from Dallas visited Tennessee on several occasions to learn about their Promise model and how to apply that to the Dallas County Promise program.