New Information on HealthSelect Providers

Members of HealthSelect from ERS who may be concerned that their personal physicians, specialists, or hospitals will not be in the Blue Cross Blue Shield network starting on Sept. 1, may wish to read this article in the Austin American-Statesman, by Bob Sechler. 

Here is a previous post for background. United HealthSelect is the present administrator. People in rural areas are generally those who could be affected by the switch to Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Here is a key passage from the AAS piece:

According to the ERS analysis released in December, Blue Cross and Blue Shield had 57,529 physicians and 453 hospitals in its HealthSelect of Texas provider network, compared to 59,107 physicians and 438 hospitals in United’s HealthSelect of Texas provider network. Blue Cross Blue Shield has been working to build its network since winning the new contract.

Meanwhile, contingencies are in place for people living in areas where no health care providers are within the new net- work. Participants can request “network gap exceptions”—which enable out-of-network providers to be treated as in- network providers—if they live more than 30 miles from an in-network primary care physician, or more than 75 miles from a specialist, according to the ERS.