Bill Would Restrict Payroll Deduction

The Texas Senate recently gave approval to legislation that would end the state’s practice of facilitating the collection of membership dues for certain public employees who are members of labor unions and professional associations.

The bill would prohibit community colleges from providing convenient payroll deduction for TCCTA memberhip dues.

The measure is Senate Bill 7 , by Sen. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola).

SB 7 would prohibit certain public employees, such as teachers and corrections officers, from using payroll deductions to pay their union or association dues. However, it would exempt police officers, firefighters, emergency first responders and charitable organizations — a “carve-out that’s drawn pushback not only from teacher associations but from law enforcement groups that benefit from the exemption. They say the measure is discriminatory and would make it tougher on employees who work long hours to funnel dues to the organizations affected by the legislation,” according to Cassandra Pollock, of the Texas Tribune.

Please read the Tribune piece for more information.

The future of the measure in the House is uncertain at this point. So far, in Regular and Special Session in 2017, some proposals from the Senate and governor’s office have met with resistance from House leadership.

A key question for TCCTA membership: Shouldn’t local colleges be allowed to determine their own policies on this issue?

Members wishing to communicate with lawmakers are urged by the TCCTA state office NOT to use college email accounts.

Here is a link to find out “Who Represents Me?”