Dallas Trustees Approve Weapons Policy

Members of the Dallas County Community College District’s board of trustees unanimously approved a new concealed (or campus) carry policy on June 6, according to a press release from North Lake College in the district.

The policy will start on Aug. 1, implementing a law passed in 2015 allowing licensed carriers of concealed firearms to bring their weapons into campus buildings. Public universities complied with the statute last year.

As stated in previous posts, when community colleges share policies and procedures on this subject, it could be of interest to educators at other schools, who may be in deliberation on the new policy. DCCCD also provides a comprehensive analysis of the new law, including a final draft of the district’s plans, available here. You may find it interesting and useful.

So far court challenges to the new statute have not produced results in Texas. However, a state appellate court in Michigan ruled recently that the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor can maintain a campus-wide ban on guns. The 2-to-1 decision permits the university to regulate the possession of firearms, and said the University of Michigan’s campuses are not affected by a state law that prevents local units of government from limiting gun ownership and carrying, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.