Contact Your Legislators Now!

The 2017 Regular Session of the Texas Legislature has reached a critical point regarding the state budget for the next biennium. TCCTA members are urged to contact their Representatives and Senators, urging them to support increased funding for community and technical colleges.

Capitol insiders believe that personal messages from constituents—composed in their own words—work best, instead of verbatim statements pasted into a mass communication. However, suggested talking points will be offered at the conclusion of this message for possible guidance. The basic idea is to remind lawmakers of the critical role of our institutions in the future success of all Texans. Be sure to identify yourself and your college.

IMPORTANT: Do not use college e-mail accounts in communicating with lawmakers. 

It’s probably best to contact your personal representative and senator, based on your home address. Legislators are particularly receptive to suggestions from their own constituents. Here is a link to find out “Who Represents Me?”

Below are some suggested talking points. If you receive a response from your representative or senator, please communicate this information to the TCCTA state office. Keep in mind that state policy makers are extremely busy at this point in the Regular Session.

Texas Community Colleges are vital to the economic well-being of the State of Texas. Individually and in aggregate, Texas Community Colleges will play a central role in advancing the key strategies of the new Texas Strategic Plan for Higher Education, 60X30TX.

Each of the 50 Community College Districts serves as a central partner with school districts, universities, business, and industry to build successful pathways from public schools to postsecondary education to workforce for their respective communities.

In order for the State of Texas to meet its higher education goals as put forth by the 60X30TX plan, community colleges will be asked to do much of the heavy lifting. Community colleges are the starting point for the overwhelming majority of Texans entering higher education or enhancing their workforce readiness. Because of this vital role, increasing the state’s investment in community colleges is essential to achieving these important objectives.