Pre-Convention Workshop Offered

Thursday, Feb. 23rd, before the annual TCCTA convention in Austin, a full-day pre-convention workshop provides a foundation in learner-centered education as well as many practical and proven educational strategies that participants can use immediately with their students. Backed by extensive research, On Course strategies are proven to have a positive impact on student academic success and retention.

At the end of the workshops, participants develop a specific plan to implement one or more strategies learned in the workshop. To extend their learning beyond the workshop, participants also receive access to a web resource of hundreds of innovative ways the workshop strategies have been employed by educators across the curriculum.

Here is a link for more information and a registration form.

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  • I have registered for the event Customer ID 11651 and have a receipt but the system does not show that I am registered.

    • Ms. Cotellesse,
      I apologize that this response is so late.
      The week of convention is very hectic and we don’t usually check the comments section of the blog.
      Please contact me @ mmolina (at) tccta (period) org.
      Thank you,

      Marcos Molina

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