$10,000 Bachelor’s Degree Slated

$10,000 Bachelor’s Degree Slated

The Alamo Colleges in San Antonio are part of a new partnership designed to offer baccalaureate degrees in certain fields for under $10,000 per student. The general goal was cited by Gov. Rick Perry in last year's State of the State address.

San Antonio students may be among the first in Texas to take advantage of a push for more budget-friendly degree options, under a partnership between Texas A&M–San Antonio and the Alamo Colleges, working with local school districts, according to an article in the San Antonio Express-News by Jennifer R. Lloyd.

Next fall, the partnership will begin placing early college students still attending local high schools into a bachelor's degree program in information technology with an emphasis on information security. With San Antonio "becoming a hub for cybersecurity operations, the hope is that graduates will find an easy entry into the workforce," the article reports.

Also from the piece:

Texas Commissioner of Higher Education Raymund Paredes said he didn't interpret Perry's challenge as one that can be applied to every field or every university. But it does encourage more partnerships to help even low-income students achieve higher education, he said.

“We are pricing an awful lot of students who would like some sort of college credential out of the market,” Paredes said.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Chairman Fred Heldenfels likened the $10,000 degree to a “no frills, rapid rail route vs. the traditional student's ocean-going cruise.”

The degrees still need to be rigorous and relevant, and meet workforce needs, he said.